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Cyber Security Safety While Working From Home

At the start of the pandemic, approximately 60% of full-time and part-time workers in the United States worked remotely at least a portion of the time. However, some firms' IT professionals are concerned about this lengthened work-from-home shift.

Cyber Monsters Vs. Your Human Firewall

Mistakes might lead to humility in some people, but they can also lead to agony in others. The key to success is meticulous attention to detail, but if you wander, pray the monsters don't show up. Welcome to the world of an IT professional for a managed service provider. On the surface, they appear to be masters of their realm, calm, cool and collected. However, a single blunder made by just one client employee could allow cyber monsters to take over the customer's infrastructure.

The Best Microsoft Teams Apps to Boost Team Bonding

In a hybrid world, Microsoft Teams is one of the most important tools for better collaboration and communication. Solutions like Teams bring individuals together as teams continue to work from a variety of remote environments. Your staff may continue to work productively using video conferencing, chat, and a variety of synchronized tools.

Use the ‘Transparent Note’ App to Get Through Your Next Virtual Meeting or Interview

We're not superhuman, and no matter how hard we try to memorize every talking point or question, we can't work at our best without a little help. Even yet, it appears more impressive, especially on video conversations, if we never have to look away from the camera when interviewing or presenting. Finding a means to glance at both your notes and the video conference at the same time is the solution. We've discovered an app that can assist you with this: It's called Transparent Note, and it's not a play on words.

The Cloud Is The Backbone Of Remote Work

Many firms urged their staff to report to work prior to the pandemic, whether for leadership, community, security, or other reasons. Regardless of their previous opinions, COVID-19 caused enterprises all around the world to quickly move to remote labor.

Tips to Improve the ROI of Your Software Investment

As with hardware investments, it’s important to understand how well your software serves your business. Sometimes, you might purchase software and avoid the help menu or user manual. Experts say the majority of the features included with the software are unused.