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9 tips for meeting with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams  enables you to host and participate in more productive meetings and invite anyone to join, even if they are not a Teams user. This blog offers 9 tips to  have more productive meetings with attendees in and outside your organization. Read More...

RCS Partners with Techgirlz To Share Industry Knowledge

RCS Professional Services recently partnered with TechGirlz to bring tech knowledge to young girls throughout the New York area. TechGirlz Inspires middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their futures. They accomplish their mission through the creation of free, fun, interactive “TechShopz” led by industry professionals, community leaders, and students. RCS’s own Esther Deutsch and Chloe Beck had the opportunity to join them and conduct a tech workshop in our RCS offices.

Why You Should Maintain Your Networks

By all means, maintaining your network is greatly important for your business and its security. In order to avoid cybersecurity attacks, data loss, theft, and sabotage, you need to keep your networks updated and monitored at all costs. We’re not saying this to scare you, but if your business fails to do so, it could cost you millions of dollars in lawsuit money. 

Nightfly Host PJDJ and RCS CEO, Jeff Tebele, Talk Phish and Music on WPVM Radio

Our CEO Jeffrey Tebele, was interviewed by PJDJ, the host of Lester the Nightfly on WPVM. Read the full interview below: You occasionally hear whispers in back alleys. I heard there’s a clandestine Phish Primer exchange through telephone operators across the nation from 2-3 a.m (EDT!). Does that mail carrier have a funny look in his eye? What are those nail salon ladies hinting at under their breath? Wait, what did that kid just say? !!

Top 5 tips to prevent a data breach: A recap of our recent panel

In March RCS Professional Services was privileged to host a panel of cybersecurity experts for a virtual event. The experts provided valuable insights into how to prevent a data breach for your small business. The panel included:

5 Tips for Building a Culture of Security Among Your Remote Employees

Most of us have some form of remote workforce now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to keep this remote workforce secure, it is extremely important to make security a part of your organizational culture. Below you will find the 5 key steps that you should take in order to create a strong culture of security within your business:

How to Cut Costs and Save Money: A Recap of our Recent Panel

In February RCS Professional Services was privileged to host a panel of money saving experts for a virtual event. The experts provided valuable insights into the best ways to cut costs and save money for your small business. The panel included: