Cloud Computing Managed services

IT costs are a significant part of the budgets of many companies. But these companies deem the costs as necessary to stay competitive. With cloud-managed services, companies can enjoy significant savings with their IT budgets. Even smaller companies that cannot afford to hire internal IT resources now have similar capabilities due to the cloud. Cloud computing levels the playing field for these smaller companies.

At RCS Professional Services, we offer a wide range of cloud-managed services. Part of those services includes cloud data security and cloud data protection. Contact us today to learn about how you can get started with your cloud services.

The cloud provides tremendous benefits to companies, but they should approach migrating to the cloud with care. The goal of cloud computing is to manage IT resources properly. But the wrong approach will end up costing more than in-house IT costs.

The experts at RCS know how to help companies with cloud migration. We will work with your staff to understand your operations fully and what you want to achieve. Then, our team will determine the best mix of services that will help meet your organization’s IT goals.

Does your company already have an IT group? Cloud managed services supplement their duties. You can free up their time to perform more strategic tasks that add to the bottom line.

Some misconceptions about cloud services are that all IT services will be handled at the flip of a switch. While cloud computing services offer economies of scale, they need to be managed properly. That is the role we play for your company at RCS. We understand the intricacies involved in using cloud services. We know what to do, but perhaps even more importantly, what not to do.

For instance, security and data protection is something that companies believe is handled automatically on the cloud. Cloud service providers have provisions that help companies manage security, but they need to be implemented in accordance with company policies and compliance measures. It’s not possible for cloud providers to implement out-of-the-box security procedures. Every company is different.

This is why it pays to work with RCS Professional Services. We have expertise in both cloud data security and cloud data protection. Our services are tailored to your specific business needs, so whether you are in office, or remote due to the COVID pandemic we are here for you! Our team works 24/7 around to the clock to understand your goals, so we can get to work immediately in setting up your cloud services to ensure these objectives are implemented.

Allocating resources on the cloud is a simple process and is usually handled via a dashboard or web interface. However, knowing which resources to allocate is challenging. Without the proper knowledge, it is possible to configure more resources than you need, which you’ll end up paying more money. When you work with us at RCS, we have that knowledge and will make sure you never spend too much on unnecessary resources.

Why should you work with RCS Professional Services? We are an industry leader in managed computing services, including the cloud. Our goal is to help you optimize your IT operations, which places you at a competitive advantage. Contact us today to get started with your cloud-managed services.


  • cloud file storage

  • hosted infrastructure and servers

  • hosted desktops

  • recovery planning

  • email archiving

  • backup and disaster recovery

  • online backup



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