Combatting Cybercrime

If your business becomes the target of cybercrime, how quickly do you think you could recover from it? Large companies have the financial resources to withstand such attacks. Most small business owners, however, are not so lucky. It is in the best interest of all business owners, regardless of size, to have an effective strategy for combatting cybercrime. Contact RCS today to get started with our experts.

It’s important to understand that cybercrime is a bit different than cybersecurity. Companies can have the most fortified cybersecurity systems in place and still be victims of cybercrime. For instance, a company’s security systems cannot prevent thieves from lying about who they are or what they do. If a thief is convincing enough, cybercrime is likely to occur. Criminals in cybercrime tend to target individuals or groups of people, while crimes targeting cybersecurity focus on technologies.

RCS Professional Services understands the differences and can help you reduce your risk of these attacks. When you work with us, you’ll have a team of experts ready to implement the right plan for your business. Together with our cybersecurity consulting services and our knowledge of cybercrimes, we'll help you sleep better at night, knowing your business is safe.

Combatting Cybercrime often involves responses from the police or federal agencies. They monitor these situations and determine the best course of action when incidents occur, and they often publish information about incidents and potential attacks. They offer useful advice to help people understand what these attacks may entail.

Both cybercrime and cybersecurity are constantly evolving. The thieves are getting more sophisticated. That's why it pays for companies to work with experts who can guide them on maneuvering these changes. The experts at RCS are ready to help, and we keep up with the latest changes. That is part of our cybersecurity consulting services and our commitment to the safety of our customers.

Although cybersecurity and cybercrimes have their differences, they are interrelated. Companies and individuals should take a holistic approach when managing both aspects of their security profile. It requires vigilance and effort, which is how we can help at RCS. We understand business owners don't have the necessary resources, and we can fill in the gaps for you.

No business can be 100% safe. However, by implementing the right tools and techniques, you can increase the odds of staying safe. Give us a call at RCS, and we'll work with you towards stacking those odds in your favor.

Think Again... 71% of Malicious Data Breaches Target Businesses with Less than 100 Employees

Most SMBs don't have the same financial footing or ability to rebound from a cyberspace attack as large businesses do. Many times damage is irreparable with some companies out of business within six months of a significant attack.

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  • Understand the vulnerabilities causing cybercriminals to zero in on smaller firms.
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