Here is What You Need To Know About Apple's latest iOS 17 Updates

Apple just released their iOS 17 update on September 18th, iOS 17 brings big updates to Phone, Messages, and FaceTime that give you new ways to express yourself as you communicate. StandBy delivers a new full-screen experience with glanceable information designed to view from a distance when you turn iPhone on its side while charging. AirDrop makes it easier to share and connect with those around you and adds NameDrop for contact sharing. Enhancements to the keyboard make entering text faster and easier than ever before. iOS 17 also includes updates to Widgets, Safari, Music, AirPlay, and more.
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Key Questions for Evaluating Your IT Service Provider

Over the years, we've had numerous interactions with potential clients. However, we often find that the questions asked are not as insightful as they could be. Frequently, these inquiries revolve around the shortcomings of their previous service providers, offering only a partial perspective. Enquiring about the cost, while important, should not be the main concern. In response to this query, we emphasize, "The lower the price, the higher the potential hidden costs." Opting for the cheapest option may ultimately lead to increased expenses due to data breaches, service disruptions, and various other complications. When it comes to selecting the ideal IT service provider for your business, it is imperative to pose the following questions to ensure that you are making the right choice.

Is Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Enough to Shield You from Evolving Phishing Attacks?

In a concerning turn of events, attackers have recently launched an extensive phishing campaign named EvilProxy, causing a storm of trouble for thousands of Microsoft 365 users worldwide. This campaign targeted high-profile user accounts, mainly those belonging to top executives, with the ultimate goal of infiltrating deeper into organizations' internal systems.

National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Latest Update

For years, managed service providers (MSPs), chief information security officers (CISOs), and IT experts have depended on the guidance of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to navigate the landscape of cybersecurity best practices. Initially introduced in 2013, the NIST framework has been a cornerstone. However, considering the rapid evolution of cybersecurity, a decade is a substantial stretch of time, and a revision has been overdue. In alignment with this need, a recent update was introduced earlier this month, prompting experts to highlight its timely significance.

Protect your Passwords With These 4 Tips

In the wake of World Password Day, it is crucial to shed light on the significance of safeguarding our passwords. This topic can be difficult to talk about, since there hasn't been much change in the way passwords are protected, but it remains an imperative aspect of our digital lives. Although a 'passwordless future' may be a desirable prospect, we are still a considerable distance away from its realization. Consequently, we find ourselves navigating the terrain of traditional password practices while simultaneously preparing for the ever-evolving advances in hacking. This blog post aims to emphasize the importance of password protection and provide practical tips to enhance your security measures.