How Do I Secure My Data in Microsoft 365?

Securing your data Making sure your organization's data is secure is an important aspect of a successful collaborative solution. Microsoft 365 has a number of tools that can help you keep your data safe while also allowing your users to collaborate seamlessly.
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Microsoft Teams: Here's What's New for 2022

Mixed reality meetings are coming to teamS Mesh for Teams was announced at Microsoft's Ignite event, paving the path for mixed-reality collaboration. The platform is a collaboration between Teams and Microsoft Mesh, the company's virtual and augmented reality technology, which debuted at this year's first Ignite event in March. Mesh brings individuals from all around the world together through shared holographic experiences and, more recently, the collaboration capabilities in Teams. Mesh for Teams, which is expected to launch in the first half of 2022, will add virtual meetings, chat, and document sharing to Teams.

Firefox, Edge, or Chrome. What is the Safest Browser For You?

Which browser is the most secure? Is there even a distinction? When was the last time you gave your browser some thought? The majority of folks do not. They make use of the software that came with their computer (or smartphone or tablet). Or perhaps they tried a bunch of different ones years ago and settled on one they liked. However, the world has evolved, as have browsers, and it's time to take another look, this time with your cyber security in mind.

The 7 questions every business leader MUST ask their Chief Information Officer

Data is your most valuable asset in today's digital workplace, and you need to know how to get the most out of your IT. However, what you need to know may differ. You don't need to know everything about your IT if you can trust your CIO, whether you're prioritizing the security of your day-to-day IT operations or you're preparing for quick expansion.