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Can’t a PW manager be hacked? Isn’t it risky to put all of your eggs in one basket?

We all know the age old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” meaning, don’t concentrate all of your resources in one area so that you don’t lose everything should situations prevail. So why don’t we treat our passwords this way? One of the most important first steps you can take in increasing your security measures is to set a complicated password for each of your login portals to keep your business and personal information safe from unauthorized access. 
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Taking over Trello - Microsoft Office Spaces is planning to roll in as the favored project management tool

Microsoft is in the process of going up against another competitor, this time in the project management department. Microsoft started releasing their preview version of what they are calling “Project Moca,” which will eventually be known as “Outlook Spaces.” Right now, the preview option of Project Moca / Microsoft Spaces is only available to Microsoft Insiders though Microsoft has plans to eventually release it to all Office 365 users.

Remote Work and Microsoft 365 are a Perfect Pair

Cyber attacks are on the rise.1 With remote work, security teams struggle to protect data, manage employees’ personal devices, and maintain security controls. Companies are concerned about how to face these unprecedented challenges.

Guest Post: Career Tech for Workers with Disabilities

Now more than ever, people with disabilities are making inroads in the workforce. And while there’s still a sizable gap, thanks to progress in technology, it is easier for individuals with disabilities to find careers in which they can prosper, as many companies are looking to hire remote workers in the fields of web development, information technology, graphic design, writing, and much more. Whether a disability is invisible or easily detectable, whether it was present since birth or something that developed later, there are tech-oriented tools that can assist professionals in achieving their career goals.

Closing out the Summer ---CyberSecurity

As we move into the end of summer and transition to a new season, we may need to refocus and get back to business. This is often easier said than done and cyber-threats tend to match the trends of the work and school environment. So, as we transition from vacation-mode, (you know… that laid back summer mindset) we need to make sure we are aligning our cybersecurity posture with these same ideas and mentality.

Behind the Scenes of the Dog Show --- Client Spotlight with Westminster Kennel Club

We always love catching up with our clients, both new and old to re-evaluate our processes as an MSP as well as see how their company was able to grow with us and benefit from their IT support. We spoke with our clients Westminster Kennel Club, who have been a managed client with us for over 20 years. Florence Foti and Linda Duane head operations at Westminster Kennel Club, the world-renowned dog show host. Their company, like many others, have seen a change in location and business over the past few months during the COVID19 pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped their work. We asked them to answer the following questions regarding the pandemic, working with RCS, and the technology they have been using to streamline their business operations.