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Thinking About Opening an E-Commerce Store? Here’s What You Should Know

Opening an online retail store is easier than ever thanks to new, user-friendly, and cost-effective platforms. However, establishing yourself in the increasingly competitive industry of online retail requires more than just a cursory ability to navigate these platforms. You need to take into consideration things that less-committed independent retailers often overlook if you want to increase your income.
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Don't let your business become the next Colonial Pipeline.

If your inbox looks anything like ours it is full of news about the recent cyber attack which ransacked the Colonial Pipeline. In case you did not hear about it (in which case you live under a rock) here's a little recap of what occurred:

Overview of Microsoft Defender ATP

Learn how Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection delivers preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response for enterprise networks. Watch this video for an overview.

Meals on Wheels Customer Story

This video tells the story of Greenville County's Meals on Wheels program—and how Microsoft products have helped the program expand and reach more people. If you would like to learn more, please contact RCS Professional Services.

Harness the power of affordable, clean, and sustainable energy with Microsoft Azure

Digital hasn't only made things more comfortable for us, it's also made them better for those without access to basic health or basic services around the world. One example of this is, by creating an interconnected world, we gain a better understanding of how technology can be used to control our natural resources more efficiently and accessibly. While these use cases may be employed in the First World to make existing services self-sustainable and cleaner, in more remote parts of the globe, they can create new services that make life better for everyone. Subscribe now to learn more about how you can utilize Microsoft Azure to make your clean energy solutions a reality. View: Harness the power of affordable, clean, and sustainable energy. Learn more about Microsoft Azure.

5 Cybersecurity Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

Over the last year, more businesses have moved their work online than ever before. Whether you’ve started offering virtual services, expanded online shopping options, moved your team to remote work, or some combination of the above, your business is likely more connected than ever before.  Although there are certainly benefits to this transition, it comes with significant cybersecurity risks. Without the proper precautions, your company’s, clients’, and employees’ data could be at serious risk. RCS Professional Services presents this guide to help you identify potential security issues and fix them before they cause a serious problem:

How to keep--- and enhance--- your company culture when everyone IS REMOTE

For the month of April, RCS Professional Services chose to focus their event on company culture in the workplace. They wanted to share how core values play a part in an organization and how it is continuing to help them thrive. They were joined by industry experts: