Project Scoping: IT Infrastructure Managed Services.

When companies define the project scope for their initiatives, they have a much higher chance of staying within budget with their projects. Project scoping is all about determining the correct tasks that can meet the organization’s goals. It also helps to manage expectations about what will be delivered. But project scoping is a challenging task for many organizations. The task becomes easier when you use IT-managed support. Contact us today to start experiencing the benefits. 

Project scoping and managed IT support services are important for your business as technology has become more complicated in today’s business environment. Having the right team that can plan, monitor, and validate your technology projects can give you an edge over your competition.

At RCS Professional Services, our project managers are experts dedicated to creating the perfect IT infrastructure managed services to help keep costs down. Learn how we can help your company by contacting us today.

RCS understands that most business owners, who don’t have large IT budgets, won’t have the resources to create and manage their IT projects. We can fill in that gap for you. When you let us take on that responsibility, you free up your time to concentrate on your core business functions. Most business owners would agree that having more time for their business could help them increase their sales. This is something that most business owners dream of happening.

When you are ready with your project scoping phase, our project managers will work with you at your location. Whether you are starting out with your project scoping or need help in defining it, we’ll be there with you to answer your questions and make sure your business goals will be covered.

What constitutes a successful project scoping initiative? It varies with each project and even with each business. However, there are common traits that we have observed through our experience. We’ll start by asking about the business case for the project. Once we understand your goals for the project and how it will benefit the business, we can use that as a guide to creating and refining the scope.

We’ll help you create a concrete deliverable, one which will mark the success of the project. Once we understand this, we can define the intermediate tasks that will lead the project to that final deliverable.

We can also help you determine the resources needed for the projects and supplement with our resources when we discover any gaps.

Sometimes, challenges emerge in a project that have the potential to cause delays in the project plan. We will work with you to determine the steps to implement that will have the least impact on the schedule.

Another issue that arises is what many refer to as scope creep, which adds more tasks to the initial project plan. This can be unavoidable, but our project management team knows the best ways to manage these situations to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Our experts are well versed in project management software and have worked in varying industries from real estate to construction. Our experiences include software’s like Yardi, Timberline, Trello, Microsoft Project, Procore, and Monday!

When you work with us at RCS Professional Services, we’ll take away the worry about your project scoping efforts. You’ll have the tools you need to complete your projects promptly and successfully. Contact us today to get started.

  • Wiring and low-voltage networking

  • cloud computing migrations and cloud computing infrastructure build-outs

  • physical onsite security (cameras and card-access)

  • Data-center

  • WiFi deployment

  • On-premise server projects

  • Identity and single-sign on

  • technical projects

  • virtualization services

  • staff augmentation

  • network design and build


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  • RCS is always quick to respond to our needs and ensures that they are doing all that they can to make things better for our network. The RCS is always friendly, as well as honest in their assessment of a particular situation. They always find a solution!

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  • RCS was the architect and implementer of our IT solution. After an analysis of our existing systems, they outlined a new structure that afforded us more security, as well as speed and reliability. Their responsiveness and proactive planning, as well as ongoing monitoring, has ensured that our staff can work efficiently both in the office and remotely.

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  • As a small UK business expanding into America, we needed IT support from day one that would enable us to focus on doing what we do best, rather than spending all day on the phone with IT consultants. RCS was recommended to us and we couldn’t be happier with the excellent support they have given us. RCS has some of the best IT consultants I have ever worked with, in 20 years in the business

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