Suite Updates: Microsoft, Facebook and Google Battle it Out with the Release of new Workspaces

Google's competitor to Microsoft Office is being rebranded as Workspace and has new pricing tiers. 


Microsoft Office is the front-running software provider for business-based applications. Their Office 365 suite, which has numerous subscription levels, makes it easy for businesses to customize and choose only the applications their team needs. 

The extensive capabilities in document management, email, collaboration, and communication are easily stacked and combined with MO365 subscriptions plans. Companies are to leverage the scalable infrastructure depending on their business requirements, making Microsoft the top choice for many businesses.


Google Workspace

Microsoft’s main competitor in the business suite world, Google, recently announced their upgrades and rebranding to their version of MO365 called “Workspace” (previously called G Suite). 

The biggest upgrade that comes along with this new G-suite release is the pricing tiers. Before, only basic and business subscriptions were available for G-suite at $6 and $12 per user a month. Now with Workspace, subscription plans with more security features are available at $18 a month and are called Business Plus. They also have an “in-between” subscription plan for $8 which is geared towards teams and departments. This is called Essentials.

These new tiers give Google great strides to run neck and neck with Microsoft in the business marketplace. 


Facebook Business suite

Facebook has also put themselves in the running for business applications with their release of their new app “Business Suite.” This application is designed to make it easier for businesses to manage all of their pages and profiles all in one place. This includes all profiles across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Offerings for the application include scheduling posts and viewing higher quality insights, making social media managers for companies ability to boost engagement and grow their audience. 

Facebook says it’s initially rolling out Business Suite to fit the needs of small businesses who need additional assistance with finding new ways to sell to their customers during the pandemic. They have also mentioned that they aim to address the needs of larger businesses in their future app updates. 

While the new Facebook Business Suite and Google Suite aren’t direct competitors, the updates these companies are making to stride to be  valuable in the business world shows the marketplace is shifting towards better business value. This comes with good reasoning too. Companies realize the high value of business markets, especially in the computer/software sales. 

While we’re yet to try out the new Facebook or Google releases, we’re excited to see these companies upping their game to try and compete with the Microsoft suite.


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