Use the ‘Transparent Note’ App to Get Through Your Next Virtual Meeting or Interview

We're not superhuman, and no matter how hard we try to memorize every talking point or question, we can't work at our best without a little help. Even yet, it appears more impressive, especially on video conversations, if we never have to look away from the camera when interviewing or presenting. Finding a means to glance at both your notes and the video conference at the same time is the solution. We've discovered an app that can assist you with this: It's called Transparent Note, and it's not a play on words.

Transparent Note is a straightforward note-taking tool with one notable exception: your notes can be transparent, allowing you to view what's behind the note on your Mac or PC. For Mac users, the program is free to download (with premium features hidden behind a paywall), while it costs $4.99 for Windows users.

How Transparency Note can improve your video calls

This type of tool has a lot of applications, but I think I'll use it the most for video calls. If you get stuck during an interview with a company, you don't have to awkwardly look at your résumé or prepared set of questions. Instead, all necessary discussion points can be overlaid on the video conversation itself: You're still staring at the screen as usual, but you can read any and all notes you made beforehand.

If you're interviewing someone else for a job, you can do the same thing. You can refer to your questions for the candidate, as well as any relevant comments from their resume. Consider giving a presentation. While speaking, you can read directly from a script, and no one on Zoom will know.

How to use Transparency Note

Transparency Note is simple to use: after you launch it, you'll be able to start creating a new note just like any other note-taking app, except your note will now be transparent. You can adjust the transparency levels by selecting the settings gear in the bottom left corner if you want to see more or less of the background.

You can also alter the note's color to white, yellow, blue, or green from here, as well as whether it will stay on top of all windows or disappear when you switch apps.

Due to the fact that the Mac version is free to download, it lacks two paid features: You can only make one note at a time, and you'll see advertisements (albeit none in my experience so far). You can pay $1.99 per month, $9.99 per year, or a one-time $99.99 cost for lifetime use if you wish to make additional notes and/or remove the advertising.

Transparent Note, on the other hand, would not be my primary note-taking software. Before a video chat, we'd definitely copy and paste our talking points into my one free note, as well as scribble down notes from the call on the doc. If that describes you as well, the free version will most certainly be enough.



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