Security Size Up: Zoom vs. Teams

Choosing between the two front -running video conferencing software, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, will probably come down to the use of the platform in your business along with cost. What you should be prioritizing is the security of each.

Remote work is at an all time high right now and with so much data on these conferencing applications from your employees, you need to take extra precautions with the security for them. So which one do you use?

Zoom was hit hard in the beginning of quarantine, with attacks of “Zoombombing” on the then open conferencing software. Since then, they have added additional security measures and policies to protect their users. For many companies though, this was enough to push them to a more secure conferencing solution like Microsoft Teams. 

See our breakdown of each platforms security standards.


  • “Open conversation style” makes it easy that you can organize a meeting or conference without any pre-knowledge. 
  • Despite upgrades to their security measures, the platform remains easily hackable. 
  • Zoom has openly admitted to collecting and sharing user’s personal data.
  • They have not disclosed where user data goes after their Zoom account has been closed.


  • Teams has multiple offerings within their system, which means some necessary training for users is needed.
  • Teams measures up with higher security controls and data encryption
  • They have released transparency reports detailing law-enforcement requests and how they do not release user data to serve ads and they do not track participants' attention in meetings.
  • Microsoft also deletes user data after a subscription has expired or been terminated.

The decision remains for the company and their needs. As a simple video conferencing platform, Zoom does what it needs to do. However, this does not discredit their obvious security issues. To keep your users and data safe, we highly recommend Microsoft Teams as cyberattacks are just as likely to happen on your conferencing platform than anywhere else in your network.

Contact for more information on choosing the right video conferencing software that protects your business. 



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