You're using microsoft teams already, why not make it your phone system too?

Rethinking the entirety of your business communication system with Microsoft Teams strengthened your workplace to be more sustainable and collaborative during these uncertain times. Blending remote work and physical offices was transformed with the Microsoft 365 system that made connecting together as a team possible both across locations and time zones. 

Integrating Microsoft Teams into your business has made working away from the office easier, but what about the other aspects of your business? Many users are still connecting to Teams with cell phones and headsets which don’t allow for the most advantageous and safest use of the system. 

Microsoft recently released their own phone system called Microsoft 365 Business Voice, which allows you to replace your current desk phone with one by Microsoft; delivering a fully integrated phone system through Microsoft 365. This phone functions like any other phone system but with the added bonus of it being tightly integrated into the Microsoft suite of products (Teams, Outlook, etc.). Business Voice is right for you if your organization has 300 or fewer people.

Microsoft has partnered with Yealink, Crestron, Lenovo, Polycom, and Audiocodes to develop numerous desk phones and conference room devices which are fully integrated and compatible with the Microsoft Teams system. 

Pros of 365 Business Voice

  • -All-in-one communication. Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email.
  • -Easy and intelligent calling. Communicate with more flexibility, ease, and intelligence, so you can stay connected.
  • -Delivered from the Microsoft cloud. Work confidently with a reliable and secure cloud-based solution.***
  • -Business Voice can be added onto any Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Teams  in the US Market.
  • -Authentication options to improve security by allowing users to enter their username and password on the device or from another device like a PC or smartphone.
  • -Quick access to contacts, call history, and voicemail directly on the phone.
  • -Teams’ one-touch join lets users view and join meetings right from their phone.
  • -Call groups let phone agents participating in calls manage and accept/decline incoming calls from a queue.
  • -Large touch screens on certain devices, like the T56A, makes maneuvering around the system fully functional. 
  • -Executive assistants and admins will find the delegation options makes managing their executives’ phone calls easy by intercepting incoming calls, making calls on behalf of the executive, and taking over calls which the executive placed on hold. 
  • -Sign-in/out options make switching phones a breeze. Users can sign in to any Microsoft Phone and get all of their contacts, meetings, and preferences. Once they’re done, they can sign out and leave the phone ready for another user to sign in. This is extremely useful for multiple-employee jobs like reception.
  • -Video support lets users join calls and video conferences right from the phone just like they would on the computer.
  • -Accessibility is readily available to make sure all users are able to use the phones including options for high contrast and large font.
  • -E911 support shows operators exact location on the phone for signed in users who dial 911


We know with the uncertainty of economic stability right now, keeping costs low is a priority. Microsoft phones are available to purchase through us at costs lower than competing options and with one time costs. Additionally, phone plans through Microsoft give you the ability to pick your preferences, whether that be local or international calling, so you only pay for what you need. Not to mention all the costs saved as compared with the cost of needing to train employees on a complicated new system when they’re already familiar with using the Microsoft ecosystem.


Reach out to us at for more information or a price quote to obtain and deploy Microsoft phones.


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