Taking the lead from Social Media: Slack Unveils their new Stories Feature

Remote workplace communications have flourished since March of this year. Front-running collaboration software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack have put a ton of focus on their end-user experience in order to make remote work as efficient as possible for small businesses. While many are working from home, these tools and their usability are especially important. Project tools and video-conferencing solutions have been in the forefront of remote work thus far, but with Slack unveiling their newest features, the future of remote business communication platforms could shift entirely.



Stories was one of the biggest feature announcements slack recently made at their Frontiers conference. Stories, much like Instagram Stories, are asynchronous video clips that you can share either individually through chat, or in a group channel. If you are familiar with Instagram, then you know how their story feature works and that it goes away after 24 hours. Slack, however, noted that their version of stories will remain there forever in case you ever want to reference them again.


Stories VS. Video Conferencing 

The point of adding what is now a social media only feature, to a business communication setting would be to add efficiency to the current video conferencing system most companies have already been using for remote work. Instead of logging in and joining an all-hands video conferencing session, you could instead offer a quick team message or send one update which will reach everyone or an individual in particular. It’s for the in-between messages that need more than just an email, but not quite an entire video conference that this feature will be especially useful for.


Will Competitors follow slack's lead?

Microsoft and Zoom will more than likely add their own stories feature to their platforms if Slack is successful when launching at the end of 2020. The collaboration tool with the best features suited for businesses to maximize the communication and remote working environment will obviously beat out the competition when businesses make the choice on which platform to use. We are interested in seeing if businesses will catch on with using the stories feature, and if Microsoft Teams and Zoom follow Slack's lead. What do you think?


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