communicate and receive feedback FROM YOUR TEAM all in one place WITH TEAMS' NEW INTEGRATION WITH THE SURVEY MONKEY PLATFORM!

Remote work has proven to challenge even the strongest teams during the Covid-19 Pandemic. SurveyMonkey, the front-running online survey developer, has joined forces with Microsoft Teams with a new app offering customizable and collaborative surveys to share with your company. While the times are uncertain, it’s extremely important to keep in close contact with your group in an efficient and easy to use manner.

How does it work?

After downloading the SurveyMonkey App in Microsoft Teams ( Open your Microsoft Teams Web application and click the three dots at the bottom left hand corner and search “SurveyMonkey”, then click download). That’s it! Now you’re ready to create your survey. There are tons of templates to choose from, so you can use one of those or you can create your own to send out to your team. The best part…you can now do it all right from Teams and the results are quick and easy to analyze. 

Gather relevant information needed to make decisions

Team leads and HR managers will find this app invaluable to understanding employee experience, cooperation, and communication while everyone is working from home. The isolation of remote work can be discouraging and be damaging to employee mental health and productivity. Keeping in touch with everyone to discuss these difficulties is extremely beneficial and will help leaders make changes using direct feedback from their team.

What are some other ways the SurveyMonkey app can benefit your team?

  • Create polls with multiple choice questions or open responses for meeting topics, check-ins, or employee fun facts
  • Gather evaluations or recent projects
  • Call for team opinions on new products or processes

Privacy is important

SurveyMonkey has maintained their privacy features from their main platform within the Microsoft Teams app. For surveys with sensitive information where anonymity is needed, the app offers settings to hide results and names to configure each survey to fit every situation. 

Lets get polling! Be sure to check out SurveyMonkey’s article on more tips, tricks, and advice on using their new Microsoft Teams app. 

To learn more about using SurveyMonkey or any of the other apps in Microsoft Teams, contact us at:

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