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Do you know how to make your wifi connection stronger during #wfh?

With everyone working, playing, and going to school at home, the competition for Wifi is fierce. Slow connections and speeds can be a painful annoyance for anybody, and upgrading internet speed can be costly and often ineffective. No need for worry though... we have one easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution for you to implement.

Eero and Google have released new mesh technology that “blankets” your home and balances device usage without overworking your network. These balancing devices work by acting as replacements for traditional internet routers and setting them up around your home to provide seamless wifi coverage throughout. They also work like traffic controllers to queue and limit the amount of bandwidth for each device and improves everyone's overall wifi experience. These devices are so efficient that users can get up to 500mbps increased speed on their wifi. 

If you are interested in learning more about making your home wifi connection strong or have any other technical questions, please reach out to us at


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