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Cutie Pie Baby

I have been using RCS for 15 years and I can't say enough good things. They are priced well, efficient, timely, and really care about our business.



Sedlmayr & Associates, P.C.

RCS is always quick to respond to our needs and ensures that they are doing all that they can to make things better for our network. The RCS is always friendly, as well as honest in their assessment of a particular situation. They always find a solution!



now and zen pr

RCS cut our costs by 40 %. They saved us a ton of money. Their service is super-good; they are always putting our company and needs first and then figuring out how to make money after.



the book report Network inc.

RCS was the architect and implementer of our IT solution. After an analysis of our existing systems, they outlined a new structure that afforded us more security, as well as speed and reliability. Their responsiveness and proactive planning, as well as ongoing monitoring, has ensured that our staff can work efficiently both in the office and remotely.



Power Photo Corp

We recently made a big move from NY to NJ. The move was absolutely seamless in regard to all our IT needs. Every employee was able to come with their own computers, plug in and that was it!! We were up and running with ZERO down-time!! Thank you RCS Professionals.



falconhead capital llc

We just love RCS. The team is amazing! Everyone at RCS goes above and beyond and we really, really appreciate that. No matter who I call the tech always tends to my issue on the spot. No, "Oh I have to get back to you." We're now moving our business onto the cloud and Omar (one of RCS's engineers) is working so hard to ensure all our needs are met. We love that he, like the rest of the team, never gets flustered.



Hilsinger Mendelson East

We have had such a positive experience working with RCS. Anytime anyone in our office calls in to them, they are all always so helpful and, if they can't resolve our issue on the spot, they resolve it soon after. We love that RCS is both responsive and accessible.



RBX Active

RCS has been great! They are always extremely responsive - whether it be in regard to a tech support issue or a new user set-up request. From basic PC issues to networking, storage and email configuration and maintenance, it is nice to have a reliable group of professionals to lean on.



Westminster Kennel Club

RCS offers us an invaluable service. They always get the job done in the most reliable and efficient way. Everything they do is five star.



Digital Gadgets

From my experience working with this team, all were very effective and efficient workers. They did beautiful wiring jobs on the server and patch panels and they also took great consideration when doing setups for every user's PC. PCs that were setup at desks and cubes all were wrapped neatly to keep wires out of the way. The overall setup was quick and seamless with all members of the team taking great initiative to complete all tasks in a quick and short period of time. All issues were immediate addressed and quickly had solutions developed. Overall it was an amazing experience moving locations while using the RCS team.



Eisikovic and Kane LLP

RCS is always accessible and quick to respond to whatever we need.



One Search

As a small UK business expanding into America, we needed IT support from day one that would enable us to focus on doing what we do best, rather than spending all day on the phone with IT consultants. RCS was recommended to us and we couldn’t be happier with the excellent support they have given us. RCS has some of the best IT consultants I have ever worked with, in 20 years in the business.

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