You’re losing over 700 Hours a Year* on signing documents - You need a secure E-sign Solution

Your time is valuable, and of all the things you are wasting your time doing, signing documents is one of them. If this was a one-time process, it may not be very overwhelming. However, when formatting, printing, signing, and scanning your documents is an everyday occurrence, multiple times a day, you can’t afford to let signing documents suck up so much of your time. Not to mention the environmental destruction of wasted paper. 

Businesses are quickly realizing the benefit of electronic signatures (E-signature for short) to save them time and add additional security benefits. Many are still hesitant to make the switch because of pricing and security concerns. Luckily, many new and popular providers recognize these reluctances and have prioritized them in their solutions. 

How E-Signatures Work

An electronic signature is defined in the same way a physical signature is in that the name or symbol legally obtains consent or approval for electronic documents. In order to be able to e-sign documents, you need an E-signature provider. 

There are countless E-signature companies now that offer licenses (either monthly or yearly) to allow you legally and privately sign your documents online. So choosing one with secure and legal compliance is essential as many companies won’t tell you what they actually cover. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. 

Are E-Signatures Secure?

Security is always the most important part of any business being handled online. In short, yes, they are secure. In fact, they are more secure than physical signatures because of the electronic trail of transactions. 

What is traced on an e-signature? Almost everything. When you sign an e-signature, depending on the provider and if access was allowed, an audit trail includes all time stamps of opening/viewing/signing the document and even the geolocation on the place of the signature. Any dispute on the signature from one party will be able to view this trail and resolve any objections. 

In addition to the audit trail, many e-signature softwares provide certificates of completion, which add another layer of security disclosing signer’s IP address and signature image. Public Key Infrastructure digitally seals the document once signing is done, verifying that the document has not been altered since the time of signing.

Access is another concern for privacy. E-Signatures put you in total control of access to the documents. If someone were to leave the company or is terminated, you can block their access to the documents which they no longer have authority to. This is key, especially for legal purposes.

Which E-Sign provider should you choose?

There is no need for you to spend additional time searching for the right solution for your E-signature provider. Isn’t lost time already an issue? We’ve gone through the top E-Signature providers to find the right provider for you --- one with a security-first approach, but carefully considering pricing concerns as well as limitations on their offerings. 

We recommend HelloSign as the top-choice E-Signature provider. HelloSign, a company from our favorite DropBox, upholds all security measures for protecting your data and ensuring no copies of your signatures are able to be accessed and tampered with. Above all, HelloSign complies with all legal requirements for confirming your signature is legally binding. 

Compared to other leading E-Signature providers, like DocuSign and Adobe Sign, HelloSign offers Enterprise plans that come at a lower cost than DocuSign plans (almost half the price) and allow for unlimited signatures. While AdobeSign is a trusted provider for companies using their other products, licensing becomes expensive when you are needing to acquire multiple licenses. 

Get your lost time back and choose secure E-Signatures as the new way to do business.

Contact for more information on how to implement E-signing into your business and Join our RCS hosted Webinar to learn more about HelloSign E-Signature services. Register Here:

Source: CGIA

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