Your Hybrid, Multi-cloud, and Edge Strategy Just Got Better With Azure

We've all faced unforeseen obstacles in the last few years that have impacted the way we work and think about digital transformation. Digital technology is more important than ever in addressing the way our customers do business. Microsoft sees a huge opportunity to assist their clients drive innovation across their organizations and improve their customers' experiences as cloud computing becomes more common.

Microsoft seeks to deliver the most trustworthy and comprehensive cloud to enable this innovation and change through the Microsoft Cloud. That's why Microsoft is trusted by businesses of all sizes, from tiny businesses to governments and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. 

Microsoft cloud technologies lets their clients provide solutions and services faster to suit their own customers' quickly changing needs, from end-to-end data capabilities and cloud-native applications to cross-functional collaboration.

Continue reading to learn more about what's new today and how Microsoft Cloud and Azure are empowering their customers to innovate—and enabling innovation to happen exactly where they need it.

Bring comprehensive Azure capabilities to hybrid and multicloud environments with Azure Arc

Microsoft’s customers have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers, apps, and databases dispersed across on-premises, edge, and multi cloud systems in numerous regions. Securing and managing their distributed infrastructures consistently, as well as developing novel applications leveraging cloud-native technologies, is one of their main difficulties.

Customers may use Azure Arc to benefit from Azure's complete security, governance, and management capabilities for their Windows, Linux, SQL Server, and Kubernetes deployments in data centers, at the edge, and across multiple clouds. With first-party Azure application, data, and machine learning capabilities, Azure Arc also enables users to build innovative, intelligent applications in any environment.

Thousands of Microsoft clients are currently using Azure Arc in a variety of scenarios. The Royal Bank of Canada, the country's largest bank, is leveraging Azure Arc-enabled data services to modernize its enormous data estate by taking advantage of always up-to-date cloud-native data services. MAPFRE, a multinational insurance firm with operations on five continents, chose Azure Arc to secure and manage thousands of Windows and Linux servers located in data centers around the world.

Build resilient, scalable, innovative applications from the cloud to the edge

Developers can meet the real-world demands of their consumers and organizations with Microsoft technology, which includes best-in-class tools and platforms that shorten the time from concept to value. Cloud-native development allows for more durable and dynamically scalable distributed applications, as well as portability in the cloud and at the edge. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Cosmos DB, and our brand-new cloud-native Azure Container Apps service provide you the power to scale innovation.

Walmart's e-commerce platform, for example, earns billions in annual revenue and increased by 79 percent last year. During the hectic holiday season, the organization needed a cloud-native database that could provide millisecond latency at a petabyte scale and manage billions of daily queries with five nines (99.999 percent) availability. deployed Azure Cosmos DB for online transactions, employing multi-region writes for exceptionally high availability and sub-10-ms latency, ensuring that millions of customers received the things they wanted and the experience they expected. ​​

Advanced digital capabilities are disrupting every sector of the business world

Your customers are gaining agility and efficiency, driving innovation with new data-driven insights, and capturing new benefits with cloud-based innovations.

Your customers also require a cloud platform that is ready for their most ambitious aspirations to outperform their competitors—on their terms—from infrastructure and data management to industry-leading AI and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

Whether it's lift and shift, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or any combination, Azure is ready to help you deliver for your customers. Azure is a strong platform for technology in the service of business that builds on Microsoft's lengthy history. 



If your firm is using or contemplating using Microsoft Cloud and Azure, or to purchase Microsoft through Office 365 contact RCS Professional Services. As a Microsoft Partner, we provide premier pricing and support on Microsoft products and licensing. You can also visit our youtube channel for Microsoft Teams Training.

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