What’s the Deal with 5G?

We know you’ve probably seen a million commercials from various telecommunication providers announcing their new 5G connectivity. So what really is a 5G network and how does it compare to the current 4G networks? We have you covered answering all of your questions below.


What does 5g mean?

5G stands for the 5th Generation of mobile networks replacing the current 4G network telecommunications providers offer (think Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T). The updated network is expected to be a significant upgrade from the current with improvements in high Gbps speeds, large network capacity, and an overall higher performance and efficiency. These changes will allow for new technologies to be created with higher performance levels and that all connect virtually. The time couldn’t be more fitting with a vast majority of users working remotely. 


What are the benefits of 5g?

In addition to the increase of speed (download speeds are expected to be 10 times faster than 4G LTE), 5G will have better bandwidth which will allow for more devices to be connected to it and have the same service. Businesses will be happy to hear that the reduction of latency will also make cloud computing with platforms like Microsoft Azure more efficient. This low-latency also allows IT services to import their remote controlling of critical infrastructures. VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will see great improvements with 5G availability.


IS 5G Even Available?

As of 2020, most cell phone carriers now offer 5G networks. You can check with your carrier directly to see if they are currently offering this for your service. As of right now, 35+ countries have access to 5G networks and this number will continue to grow too. 

A major drawback to 5G is that the overall adoption of it will take a number of years due to certain security concerns along with advanced technologies like self-driving cars being built on the network.  


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