What does it mean to be encrypted?

Encryption is a daunting word, and the process of encrypting something can sound complex, but it is an incredibly important part of cybersecurity that keeps your information safe.


What is encryption?

In layman’s terms, encryption takes any data that is sent via the internet and scrambles it into gibberish before it’s sent. The receiving party of the data has a “key” to unscramble the information. What this does is prevent information you send - either via email or through transactions - to be unreadable to someone trying to steal your information during the sending process. 


Do you have to encrypt your own data?

Most online retailers and banks have their own encryption processes set up to encrypt your data. When it comes to sharing important information online, however, you will need to set up your own encryption for securing the confidentiality of your data. Luckily, there are plenty of software companies available that offer automatic encryption when sharing information online. For example, file hosting services like Dropbox will automatically encrypt your data that is saved and sent within their platform without you needing to do anything else. Email security providers like Barracuda also provide automatic email encryption without any additional work for either the sender or receiver. If you stop to think about how many things you send and receive electronically everyday, then you will realize how important encryption is to protect your data.

Quick Tip for Encryption:

  • A simple way to know that a website you’re using is encrypting any data you input is to check the address bar of the website. If you see either a padlock icon or the website begins with “https://” then the website is secure and will encrypt your data.

If you are interested in learning more about encryption or bringing encryption providers like Barracuda or Dropbox into your business’ cybersecurity infrastructure, please reach out to us at info@rcsprofessional.com

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