Top ten apps for business

Apps can help your business greatly by streamlining operations, assisting with project organization, and by providing better communication opportunities. The great thing about using apps, is that they can provide an inexpensive and sometimes even free solution. Plus, their ease of use can make you even more effective when bringing them into your business. Below are our top 10 favorite business apps for any department:

For the Finance Department


QuickBooks is a robust bookkeeping software that helps you track expenses, sales, invoices, banking transactions, profits and losses, and more.
For the Human Resource Team



HelloSign is a small business app that securely uploads documents, facilitates electronic signatures, sends reminders, and provides document status updates.

For collaboration for any team

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an All-in-One Chat, Video Call, and collaboration tool that easily integrates with the Microsoft offices tools that you already use.

For your project team


Trello helps your small business manage project workflows using cards that specify due dates, checklists, assignees, and more. Members of a project can also communicate within each card to ask questions, send requests, or check on the status of a task.

For your TEch Team


Clockify, you can log the start and end time of a particular task and restart logged time entries when you work on the project later. The platform also offers helpful reporting so you see how much time you’ve spent working on a project or for a client.

For your accounting team


PayPal is a widely used electronic payment platform that lets merchants accept payment for goods and services.

For the marketing team


Buffer helps your team manage social media posts so that your small business is engaged with its followers around the clock. It also features analytics reporting and other performance insights for future adjustments.

For the Design team


Canva is the leading graphic design app which allows users to make their own social media graphics and content to post on various platforms. The easy and free templates on the app make creating content simple and inexpensive. Businesses that want a larger offering in the app are able to pay for the Pro subscriptions.

For the scheduling team


Calendly is an automated scheduling software that is focused on making meetings easier. Everyone knows the pain of finding an open time where both you and your client are available to meet. With Calendly, the process is easy. Calendly opens your calendar up to whoever needs to schedule a meeting with you with times you’ve set for when you are available and for how long. No more guessing!

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