Top Security Recommendations for 2021

With 2020 in our rearview mirror we are here to help you start 2021 on the right foot by giving you our top security recommendations. 

Company rules and regulations around working from home

When the pandemic began many companies found themselves without a proper plan in place for remote work. It is important to implement policies for your employees that concentrate around remote work, mobile devices and personal devices. By having these in place you ensure that there is no guesswork from your employees. They know exactly what is an acceptable use of company devices and what is expected of them. 

Utilize cloud- based security solutions

This allows you to update your hardware remotely without first having to have a VPN connected to the company network. This is crucial because in order to properly secure yourself you need to manage your employees’ mobile devices when working from home.If you do not have these proper security measures in place you risk compromising your network by allowing an unsecured system to access your company networks. It is good practice to have antimalware and antivirus tools in place for corporate devices being used outside of the office. If you have utilized cloud-based solutions then it is very easy to continually update these softwares when employees are away from the office or working from home. 

Secure your VPN connection

When the pandemic began, many companies found themselves without the proper VPN connections to allow their employees to work remotely. Because of this, many companies prioritized getting the VPN up and running over securing those VPN entry points as well as they should have. One way of accomplishing this is requiring employees to use multi-factor authentication when logging in to your company’s remote network. 

Securing the cloud

This recommendation is crucial even after the pandemic ends. The security of whatever cloud platform you choose is the responsibility of that provider. However, the security of your own that you upload to the cloud, is your responsibility. An effective way to prevent theft or loss of your data is to implement an identity access management program. This will allow you to control permissions. It is also very important to be constantly monitoring what is going on in your cloud system. It can be challenging to detect an attack or suspicious behavior quickly. Having the right IT company on your side to catch this harmful activity will greatly benefit your business.


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