Tips to Improve the ROI of Your Software Investment

As with hardware investments, it’s important to understand how well your software serves your business. Sometimes, you might purchase software and avoid the help menu or user manual. Experts say the majority of the features included with the software are unused.

This means many users miss out on an opportunity to maximize benefits, especially in business applications. It often highlights a lack of training for those using the technology. They might use what they know best and avoid things that would require practice to implement. If you want to boost the return on investment of your software investment, consider these factors when assessing software.

Evaluate Usage

Your IT department should evaluate the usage of the software. Through this software evaluation process, they can understand the functions and features of the product. You can then understand what parts of the solution your business needs or is really using.

In most cases, the faults are in the organization. Most businesses tend to install an initial phase of a solution, which makes them lag behind in implementing follow-on features.

As a business, there are different types of technology you should consider getting. For example, you can invest in payroll processing software, which helps you handle payroll and streamline the process through automation. Also, you can get project management software to make it easier to manage projects at your business. It’s ideal if you want your teams to collaborate without too many interruptions. Also, you can invest in cybersecurity software to safeguard your data.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use free software and tools to run your business more efficiently and effectively. For example, you can use a free invoice generator to create customized invoices tailored to your brand. Choose from a ready-made template and then add your own text, images, and font type.

Connect With the Vendor for New Features

Companies that pursue ongoing relationships with software vendors are able to get their suggestions for enhancements heard. This is one of the solutions you can approach to achieve a return on investment in your software. If the vendor has a committee or a user council, you should consider being on it. This will expose you to diverse ideas about the product.

Review Software for Business Suitability

Software scalability is a tool or system you can use to boost capacity and functionalities based on demands. Scalable software should remain stable and adapt to overhauls, changes, upgrades, and resource reduction. When you consider scalability, the software should be customized for capacity expansion.

For example, if your goal is to move your sales force to order taking and mobile communications, the system should smoothly accommodate both. Always consult the vendor to know if their technology expansion roadmap aligns with your business goals.

Strong Service and Product Support

Software solutions providers also need strong service and support ethics. This is important to ensure users are assured that the company will be there whenever they need support. Before signing a contract, include a support and service SLA. This will guarantee you excellent service, and you have a legal base if the vendor fails to deliver.

Get Software That’s Easy to Integrate

Before you make a final software selection, assess the pieces of existing business software to know what additions are necessary. Also, review the new solutions to know if they can smoothly integrate into the existing software. Once you conduct your analysis, the process is simple as all you need is the vendor’s software APIs. Integration should make processes easier without overhauling the whole system.

Measure IT and End-User Satisfaction

You need to ask yourself if the end-user is satisfied with the software solution. It’s important to measure end-user satisfaction to know if the solution is providing the results you wanted. If you notice dissatisfaction, you should notify the vendor to correct the points of contention. This will allow you to get the most out of the software investment.


In the modern world, software is a vital component in running a business. To reap great benefits using software tools, it’s important to review solutions provided by the vendor.



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