Nightfly Host PJDJ and RCS CEO, Jeff Tebele, Talk Phish and Music on WPVM Radio

Our CEO Jeffrey Tebele, was interviewed by PJDJ, the host of Lester the Nightfly on WPVM. Read the full interview below:

You occasionally hear whispers in back alleys. I heard there’s a clandestine Phish Primer exchange through telephone operators across the nation from 2-3 a.m (EDT!). Does that mail carrier have a funny look in his eye? What are those nail salon ladies hinting at under their breath? Wait, what did that kid just say? !!

First the echo and then the whisper, and then it can almost, just possibly, audibly be made out clearly…. shhh… phshs… pHisH… Phish… PHISH... PHISH… PHISH!!!!

My guest this week is Jeff Tebele, a well-versed a-phish-ionado. Yea

h – I just wrote that. 

40+ shows under his belt. Tons of trips with his wife to Phish shows. Mexico, MSG, the devotion over the past 10 years that few exhibit for their favorite music artist. Jeff is in Phish clubs, hangs out with Phish fans, recruits new concert-goers as they present themselves. An entrepreneur, business leader and appreciator of fine live music and entertainment, Jeff Tebele is simply the perfect guest to introduce the mysteries of the band Phish this week to this particular PJDJ. And to you LTNF listener. 

Jeff selected six track for us (playlist below). In editing the show our editor committed outright sacrilege (!) as we wanted to get the most out of our conversation with Jeff and play as much of Phish’s musical artistry as we could fit into our hour. In the end we struck a balance. Jeff and PJ getting in the salient points while desperately trying to avoid talking over jams by Trey and the band.

To round out your Phish 101 education there are some really exciting videos for you below. And for the devoted LTNF fans note that this is just the beginning. I will have more Phish for you soon; this is too big of a topic for just one show.

And Jeff shared a few additional Phish Primer resources with us:

     -Phish Net
     -Phantasy Tour
     -And search on Facebook for Addicted to PhishPhish Tour 2014Phish Tour 2021


Jeff’s Business Blog

And if you appreciate Jeff’s comments on Phish and business in this interview, you are going to LOVE this blog that Jeff wrote tieing this remarkable band/movement to smart business practices.

Click here to listen to the full interview. ▶️



PJDJ (aka PJ Ewing is the host of Lester the Nightfly on WPVM. LTNF airs Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and early Sunday Morning at 1:00 a.m. PJ is a web developer and digital marketing, and is the founder of CMO ( PJ was instrumental in the development of WPVMFM.ORG




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