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Remote Work and Microsoft 365 are a Perfect Pair

Cyber attacks are on the rise.1 With remote work, security teams struggle to protect data, manage employees’ personal devices, and maintain security controls. Companies are concerned about how to face these unprecedented challenges.

61% of executives are concerned about attacks against their remote employees.2

73% of executives say COVID-19 will change the way they evaluate business risk for the next five years.2

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium you can have a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to help you securely run your remote business.

With a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription you get access to:

  1. 1. Advanced security and device management tools that:
    • - Enable secure remote access and protect identity.
    • - Secure personal and company owned machines and devices.
    • - Protect against cyber-threats and data leaks so that you can work without worrying.
  2. 2. Collaboration and productivity tools to help employees:
    • - Connect together with email, chat, and online meetings.
    • - Co-author documents in real time.
    • - Share cloud files, tasks and more.

3. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

Windows Virtual Desktop is an affordable, full desktop and app experience delivered to any device without any worry of data leaks or risk to the network from unmanaged devices.

Review this deck for more about Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Learn about the latest updates for secure mobile device management


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to learn more about whether or not Microsoft 365 Business Premium is right for you.

Ready to get started? Just book a time that works for you. 


Department of Homeland Security, April 8, 2020, CISA Alert (AA20-099A)1

CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, April 20202

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