RCS is Named a Microsoft Gold Partner

Businesses of all sizes and industries have had to adapt to new methods of working, a demanding operating environment, and ever-changing client expectations over the last two years. With all of this upheaval, the need of having safe and trustworthy productivity and collaboration tools cannot be overstated. Communication, flexibility, and creativity are enabled by tools like these, which keep organizations surviving in the new era of work. SMBs are no exception, but they require solutions that are adapted to their specific requirements and challenges.

RCS Has Achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status

Microsoft has unveiled a number of advancements over the last few months that will empower small businesses to transform the way they work and serve consumers. These new products are purpose-built to help us secure and aid our clients. We're ecstatic to announce that we've been named a Gold Microsoft Partner.

Providing small businesses with a complete security solution

Cyberattacks have become more common in recent years, affecting organizations of all sizes, with the volume and sophistication of attacks focused on SMBs increasing. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, ransomware assaults have increased by 300 percent in the previous year, with over half of them targeting small firms.  Because most SMBs lack the resources or specialized security skills to avoid, manage, or respond to an attack, the danger of these attacks is high. Microsoft believes in universal security and is bringing new enterprise-grade Microsoft Defender technologies to SMBs.

Microsoft Defender for Business will enhance the comprehensive security and productivity stack that already exists in Microsoft 365 Business Premium by adding cross-platform endpoint protection and sophisticated ransomware defenses with technologies like endpoint detection and response (EDR), making it an even more compelling and complete offering for small and medium businesses.

Helping small businesses meet, call, chat, and connect

Microsoft Teams Essentials, a standalone version of Microsoft Teams, brings together all the capabilities businesses need to service clients, in addition to a solid security offering with Microsoft Defender for Business. Small businesses may easily meet, work, communicate, and serve clients in innovative ways, from restaurants to merchants to professional services.

Microsoft is giving solutions suited for this new reality because a third of SMB employees intend to convert to remote work permanently post-pandemic. One of the most difficult aspects of the transition from physical to digital is keeping people connected in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Customers, clients, and collaborators are all brought together in one place via Teams Essentials. It includes up to 30 hours of unrestricted group video conferencing, group chat, file sharing, and calendaring. Teams Essentials allows users with and without a Teams account to participate quickly and effectively without requiring any IT experience. It's the most affordable all-in-one solution on the market today, costing only USD4 per user per month.

Enabling small businesses to scale with a Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft has pushed Windows to the cloud with Windows 365, giving SMBs the flexibility they require to respond to changing conditions. Employees can work from anywhere on a safe Windows 365, whether at the office, at home on a personal device, or anywhere in between, thanks to Windows 365's ability to securely stream their whole desktop experience—personalized apps, content, and settings—to any device.

SMBs are accustomed to seasonal demand and quick expansion. With the option to raise or decrease the number of Windows 365 Cloud PCs as new workers, vendors, contractors, interns, and trusted partners onboard and offboard, Windows 365 enables a rapid and easy response to those shifts. By storing business-critical data in the cloud rather than on devices, Windows 365 reduces security concerns during transitions while allowing employees to go back to work fast.

Setting up and delivering a Windows 365 Cloud PC experience tailored to the needs of small organizations is simple for both IT and the average user administrator. SMBs can purchase Windows 365 Business on a per-user, per-month basis, allowing them to stay on budget.

Looking to the future

These upgrades are the most recent, but not the last, steps in Microsoft's support for small businesses. SMBs have had to rely on a patchwork of consumer and commercial solutions in the past, none of which were a perfect fit for their specific company requirements. The desire for a more customized solution is real, and we're happy to help. Providing a comprehensive, customized platform that allows enterprises to design their own way for the future.



If your firm is considering using Microsoft 365, contact RCS Professional Services. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide premier pricing and support on Microsoft products and licensing. You can also visit our youtube channel for Microsoft Teams Training. 


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