How to Cut Costs and Save Money: A Recap of our Recent Panel

In February RCS Professional Services was privileged to host a panel of money saving experts for a virtual event. The experts provided valuable insights into the best ways to cut costs and save money for your small business. The panel included:

Jeffrey Tebele, the Founder and CEO of RCS Professional Services, a small business IT and Cyber-security support company. Jeffrey has more than 20 years of experience in the IT world. 

Robert Curtiss works with Business Group Resources. Has been finding tax credits and refunds for small and medium sized businesses for the last 16 years. Robert usually finds about a million dollars a week in over paid taxes for his clients.

Vince Tinto from National Auditing Services and Consulting. The only 8 plus rated company in the industry. Vince’s team are utility refund experts who cover water, gas, electricity, sewage and more. He and his partner have a combined almost 50 years in the business and they have recovered millions over the years in refunds.

Seth Rubin is the Executive Vice President at ProfiTrust. His firm aids companies in identifying and eliminating vendor over-spend. Companies spend lots of money on things outside of people and products and these areas are often where Seth can find overspend and excess money being paid to vendors in places where they shouldn’t.

All of the money-saving panelists work off of contingency based pay, so they do not get paid until they save you money.

Our panel moderator was Luke Van Every, the Founder and CEO of True Compare PEO. Here are some of the questions Luke asked our panelists:

“Do you think it is beneficial to have a broker or third party adviser to make decisions for you?” 

Jeffrey Tebele is a big advocate of brokerage in the sales process. His company RCS Professional Services recently expanded to a new city and he does not think he would have been able to buy a new office building and get a loan without the broker’s involvement

Brokers know the whole community, the shortcuts and who to go to. For Jeffrey, with the help of a broker, the whole process of buying a new office building only took a few months and gave him a great value for his money.

Jeffrey stated that “overall, working with a broker, shortcuts the whole process and cuts you a better deal in the end. It is easy to spend a lot more time and money when you are not getting the correct advice. These panelists are in business to give you the proper advice on their area of expertise in order to save you time and money.” 

What is the importance of having “good corporate hygiene” ?

Having good corporate hygiene means you are making the right moves for your business. You are not spending more money than you should be. This is similar to going to the doctor for a checkup. These panelists are checking up on the health of different areas of your business.

Now you may be wondering, “how often does  my business need to go in for a ‘checkup’?

Vince Tinto can go back 6 years on your utilities and look for areas to refund. Once you receive that refund check, he will work with you annually for the next 2 or 3 years to audit and look at your invoices to see if old mistakes are presenting themselves again.

Robert Curtiss performs his analysis on an annual basis. The government allows you to look back 3 years. They will see what kind of tax credit they can get for you and after that, they will work annually with your accountant to reduce your tax cost up front. They do it this way in order to help you to avoid having to wait for a refund check. 

What industry do you see the most savings right now?

Robert Curtiss sees the most returns from the medical and dental, construction and tech industries. 

Vince Tinto says manufacturing. They are the most over-billed industry in the country. The National Auditing Services and Consulting have a great turn around for their clients. Often  getting them their refund checks in less than 30 days. 

Cybersecurity is crucial to saving money in the long run. If your data suffers an attack, it will cost you. You do not want to be without proper cybersecurity allowing people to steal your time, money and data. We are seeing a lot of breaches occurring in every industry from legal, to accounting, to e-commerce and wholesale and no business is free from risk.

If you would like to join our next webinar about preventing a data breach click here.

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To connect with any of the panelists and learn more about their services reach out to us.

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