Behind the Scenes of the Dog Show --- Client Spotlight with Westminster Kennel Club

We always love catching up with our clients, both new and old to re-evaluate our processes as an MSP as well as see how their company was able to grow with us and benefit from their IT support.

We spoke with our clients Westminster Kennel Club, who have been a managed client with us for over 20 years. Florence Foti and Linda Duane head operations at Westminster Kennel Club, the world-renowned dog show host. Their company, like many others, have seen a change in location and business over the past few months during the COVID19 pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped their work. We asked them to answer the following questions regarding the pandemic, working with RCS, and the technology they have been using to streamline their business operations. 


Q. How many people are at your company? 

  • A. We have 10 people working with us currently.


Q. What does your business do or offer?  

  • A. Westminster Kennel Club focuses on Entertainment as well as education on dogs.


Q. Has your service offering and/ or business model changed at all since the beginning of COVID? 

  • A. We have transitioned to more remote working since the beginning of COVID.


Q. Are you equipped to be virtual? 

  • A. Yes


Q. How tech-savvy is your staff? 

  • A. I would say roughly 50% of our staff is tech-savvy.


Q. What tech are they using?  

  • A. Right now we use Zoom and RCS for tech.


Q. How was RCS able to help your staff become more efficient? 

  • A. RCS helped us by having patience with us and assisting with training whenever asked.


Q. Was tech added that made them more efficient? 

  • A. Yes


Q. Were you offered suggestions to help you streamline what you do?  

  • A. Yes


Q. Before RCS, did you have all your IT info logged somewhere that you could get it and do you feel more secure about that now?  

  • A. Prior to RCS being our IT Support team, we had Omar (who is now a Senior Systems Engineer at RCS) to help us with all of our IT information. Prior to that, we did not have anyone managing our IT and systems.


Q. Has anything changed for you since using RCS and if so, what? 

  • A. A whole team working on helping WKC become more efficient


Q. Had you ever considered bringing in an external IT team previously?

  • A. No


Q. What can we tell future clients in the same position who may be considering investing in out-sourced IT?

  • A. That getting yourself a reliable, responsive and experienced team like RCS is worth everything.

Q. What do you like most about your experience with RCS thus far? 

  • A. That they take care of us and, as we stated above, are so reliable, responsive and experienced.


Q. What do you like least about your experience w/ RCS this far?  

  • A. Nothing  - we love working with the RCS team!



Thank you to Florence Foti and Linda Duane for answering our questions and being the best part of RCS!

If you are interested in working with RCS Professional Services, or would like to hear more about our support and solutions - please contact us at 


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