5 Top Tech Tasks to Outsource

Outsourcing tasks to a third party can be one of the most powerful tools in any business's toolkit. It allows you to tap into the labor and expertise of an outside organization or freelancer so you can focus on managing your company. Here are five tech tasks that are ideal for outsourcing.

1. IT Services/Support 

Every business has IT needs. Whether you want someone to manage your IT stack or need help desk support, outsourcing can often be a great way to go. Even relatively large businesses are often better off with outsourced IT solutions compared to building an in-house team. Simply put, you can often get more of what you need from a managed services provider. Plus, an outsourced team can often escalate issues to other experts if the first representative can't answer the problem. A single in-house IT professional may not be able to do this.

2. Website Development 

Chances are high that your website is an important part of your marketing strategy. However, building a website can be challenging. There are many aspects that go into it, including the design and content and technical development, among others. If you want a really great website, you should strongly consider outsourcing the work. The good news is that many professionals can help you with your website design and development needs, including freelancers.

When you're searching for candidates for a web development role, make sure they have experience with specific tools. For example, if you want to sell online, you may want to hire someone with Shopify development companies.

3. Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is another tech task that you should consider outsourcing. Protecting your computer systems should be a top priority. Today, there are more cyberattacks than ever, and many of them target small businesses. However, establishing good cybersecurity practices is difficult. If you aren't an expert, you will need a vendor to get you set up correctly. Fortunately, you can turn to RCS Professional Services for cybersecurity solutions, products, and services to protect your business. At RCS we consult with experts like GoVanguard to lend a modern approach at keeping your organization at the forefront of cybersecurity. 

4. App Development 

If you are working on an app or some other type of software, you should consider outsourcing the development with firms like Ahmadeus Technology Boutique. You can find some great developers to work on your projects — whether it's a product you intend to sell or an internal system. Businesses can achieve significant improvements in their productivity by designing custom applications that are made specifically for their workflows. In many cases, freelancers can build much better-quality software than a small in-house team would be capable of.

5. Social Media Marketing 

Social media is an important technology that businesses should harness in their marketing mixes. With social channels, brands can have two-way interactions with their audiences. By hiring someone to post for you, you can often get a lot more mileage out of the platforms you use. Furthermore, many social networks have in-depth ad systems that can be applied very effectively by people who know both marketing and analytics. Both Salem Global and Chief Marketing Outsource can help your business grow with their digital marketing expertise. 

Some Tasks Can Be Kept in House 

Of course, not every task should be outsourced. Software for accounting and customer relationship management can help you achieve many key business functions in-house. Also, if you need a logo redesign, it’s not necessary to hire a graphic designer when you can utilize a free logo maker online. This tool allows you to edit professionally designed templates to your desired size, color, and font.

For more information on optimizing your IT or securing your network, contact RCS Professional Services to speak with an IT professional or visit our website www.rcsprofessional.com.

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