5 Apps Our Office Is Loving This Year

We're all constantly connected to our smart devices. Why not make the most of them? Here are the top five apps for professionals that need to stay informed while on the go. You'll undoubtedly wonder how you ever got by without them at work.

Five Apps To Download

1. Asana

Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that gives users a virtual workspace where they may collaborate on projects. It allows a project manager to create tasks as part of a larger project, assign them to specific team members, and set a deadline for them.  Teams may work together on activities like publishing comments for immediate communication and adding files for document sharing. Users receive reminders about approaching deadlines and the status of their assigned assignments in their email. With the opportunity to archive finished projects for future use, Asana is excellent for long-term and short-term initiatives. To help onsite and remote workers arrange their daily duties, the work and project management software is ideal.

2. Teams

In Office 365, Microsoft Teams is your teamwork hub. All of your team's conversations, files, meetings, and apps are stored in a single shared workspace that you can access from any device. Teams can help you do more, whether you're rushing to meet a deadline or discussing your next big idea. In addition, Teams streamlines your personal virtual workspace and successfully arranges your collaboration. Teams makes everything easier in general. It includes an app or API for almost anything your productivity heart desires, and it comes pre-loaded with everything you need to make your 9-5 a happy place.

3. GoTo

GoTo's fundamental mission is to make remote work simple and affordable for all businesses, regardless of size. That is just what they have done by expanding GoTo's Contact Center services to satisfy the needs of additional consumers. SMBs no longer have to believe that expensive and unnecessarily complicated contact centers are out of their reach. Small businesses, in particular, we feel, can profit from the opportunity to communicate with clients across several platforms. GoTo's new Contact Center enables just that with a simple, easy-to-deploy, and economical contact center solution.

4. Hubspot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and automation software platform that allows businesses to execute, manage, and monitor all of their inbound marketing efforts. It's basically all you'll need to run successful campaigns with minimal effort. HubSpot's integrated CRM makes it easier to manage customer relationships. It accomplishes this by linking with your social media accounts and website, allowing you to measure visitor activity. It will tell you how your leads are reacting to your site and extract useful data from their social media profiles. It streamlines communication between you and your contacts, allowing for smooth and quick interactions.

5. Calendly

Calendly facilitates meetings and appointments between businesses and their clients, as well as between individuals and their contacts. You may effortlessly establish your available choices and send a personalized invitation link to organize a meeting or appointment using the software. You can provide guests the option of selecting their favorite date and hour. You can also choose between meeting lengths of 60, 30, or 15 minutes when planning your event. Calendly allows you to set a buffer interval between appointments and a scheduling notice period to prevent others from making last-minute appointments. You can choose from a variety of invitation kinds, giving you more options for the format of your invitations and meetings.

The Bottom Line

This year boost your productivity and achieve your goals with a bit of help from an app (or two). Collaboration, organization, increasing engagement, and building stronger relationships are topics that we are focused on, but what topics are sparking your interest this year? Let us know your favorite apps and why.



If you’re considering using Office or any of these other apps, contact RCS Professional Services. You can also visit our youtube channel for our most recent livestream on tools like these that will save you time and money.

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